Social Listening Insights for the QSR Industry


This report explores how consumer conversations online can identify audience attributes, most anticipated limited-time offers, menu opportunities, campaign hashtag analysis and more.

In the world of QSR, brands have big challenges when it comes to standing out. Competition is high and consumers frequently bounce between restaurant chains to satisfy their cravings. It’s important for brands to identify which menu items keep them on top and what limited-time offers excite their target audience. By using social listening data, QSR brands can identify what makes their brand stand out to ensure they stay top-of-mind in this fast paced market.

This report highlights use cases that detail how social listening insights can be used for the QSR industry.


Highlights in this report include:

  • Leveraging post volume, sentiment and passion scores to analyze competitors.

  • Utilizing demographic, geographic and data to identify consumers engaging with your brand.

  • Identifying top performing limited-time offers and new menu combinations.

  • Drilling into how consumers are engaging with brands’ apps.

  • Examining the hashtags brands are associated with most.

Length: 29 pages
Cost: Free

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