Auto Report: Social Insights Reveal Major Shifts in Consumer Behavior

Find out exclusive consumer insights on the experiences, brands, and latest auto industry trends.



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From horse and buggy to the Tesla, the auto industry has seen plenty of changes over the decades. But with today’s technology, consumer preferences, cost of living, environmental concerns and new ways to buy, there has never been a more volatile time in the industry.

It’s true: people have changed the way they think about cars, how to buy them and why.

The endless access to choice accompanied with new reasons motivating car purchases, it’s no wonder that automakers, brands and their agencies find themselves in a massive grey area.

The Social Insights Report on the Auto Industry uncovers never-before-seen data on how auto consumers think, feel and buy.

This report features analysis of millions of conversations from channels across the web, including social media, review sites and more.

Inside, we reveal incredible (and surprising) new consumer insights for the automotive industry: what do people think about their car buying experiences? What do consumers look for when buying a car? Are Electric Vehicles taking over? Which auto brands are leading? What drives people to buy?

With this ever-evolving landscape, we explore how auto brands can know and understand who their consumers are, what they want, and how to target them.

Insights from social listening in this automotive report reveal how consumers think and feel about their car buying experiences and what will drive those experiences in 2020 and beyond...


Uncover exclusive data on auto consumer trends and see what’s driving major shifts across the industry. The report pinpoints data on customer journeys, audience segments, campaign analysis and more for brands like Tesla, Ford, Audi, Uber and Carvana. Here’s a snapshot of what’s inside:


Consumer Experience Analysis

See how consumers are adopting new types of auto technology and which generational audiences are using alternative forms of transportation.


Automotive Brand Comparisons

Learn which car brands are winning out in consumer sentiment, trust, loyalty and custom themes like test driving


Campaign and Brand Analysis

See how Tesla owners view the brand amidst negative press coverage. Find out how a Audi generated organic buzz around its electric vehicle launch

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