Social Insights for the Retail Industry

What are the latest shopping trends and how are the top retail (and online retail) brands performing?


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In case you missed it, shopping has changed a lot in the last few years. Retail brands, for good or bad, have been forced to grapple with the seismic shift in the way people shop and buy.

Consumers have a lot to say about those shopping experiences. Whether it’s showing love for their favorite stores, customer service gripes, or expressing purchase intent, online conversations about retail and shopping are filled with key information for these brands analyze.

In the “Social Insights Report for the Retail Industry”, we explore how social listening and intelligence can uncover hidden trends about audiences, products, customer experiences, brand sentiment, buying behaviors and more.

What do shoppers care about most? When, why and how do they shop? And what are the driving forces that push people to engage with retailers? Download the report to find the answers! →


Uncover social listening insights for retail and online retail brands like Amazon, Walmart, Kohls, Target and more to see how they stack up, what people value most in their shopping experiences, and which brands are leading the way.


Shopper Trends + CX expectations

In-depth analysis of shopping trends, top brands, online retail evolution and customer service experiences.


Share Of Voice

Uncover sentiment, share of voice and brand favorability data for retail brands.


Emerging Trends + Perspectives

Analyze key shopper preferences with new insight into consumer perspectives.

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