Finding Consumer Trends: The Ultimate Playbook

Ready to be a trendspotter, for real? You can do it! In the endless sea of online conversations, there are new consumer trends hiding, waiting for their big break. 

Introducing the Top 50 Most Popular Brands Dashboard

Who are the most popular brands in the world? How do consumers view these brands (or your brand?!), and what are the latest trends in their popularity? Get the answers here.

Your Quick Guide to Analyzing Instagram, TikTok, Reddit + More

Get all the need-to-know details, tips, and tricks to understanding the most popular social channels. 

How To Write Amazing Social Listening Queries

In 4 easy steps, this graphic will help you become a social listening maestro whether you're new to social listening tools or an expert needing a quick refresh, commit these to memory.

TikTok Campaigns, Influencers, & Audiences

Understand TikTok audiences, build connections with them, and create engaging social campaigns that win.

TikTok Trends and User Insights

TikTok has taken over - culture, lifestyles, and consumer buying. These are the user insights your brand can’t miss.

The Next Generation of Pet Care

Understand how pet parents feel about everything essential in pet care from food ingredients to pet health, and how they feel about the anxiety of going back to the office after quarantining ends.

Interactive Insights: Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok & More

See how conversations across social media played out in a roller coaster year according to insights provided by social listening.

The Changing Customer Experience

Get the can't miss insights on customer experience expectations during COVID revealed with social listening.

Dads Personas and What Brands Need to Know

Learn crucial new details from social listening about the modern dad and how brands can use the data.

A Guide to CPG Insights

Learn ways to use social listening for key consumer insights on CPG brands and products.

Streaming Services: Social + Consumer Insights

New social insights on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max and more.

Social Insights: Generation Z Purchasing Behavior

How Generation Z Shops, Buys, and Interacts on Social Media.

Social Insights: The Changing Automotive Consumer

Social and Google Map Review data reveal changes in consumer behavior and how auto brands stack up.

Measuring Influencer Campaigns with M Booth and Brooks Running

How M Booth Validated Influencer Campaigns with Social Listening.

Internet of Things: Consumer Reviews + Social Insights

Combine data from online reviews and social listening to uncover analysis on how tech consumers think, feel and buy.

Healthy Lifestyles: Consumer Insights Report

Discover the latest health and wellness trends, buying behaviors and consumer experiences for an emerging market

Social Insights for the Beauty Industry

Uncover exclusive insights on consumer preferences, expectations, buying behaviors, and growing interest in natural products.

Social Insights: Ad Agencies + Top Tier Brands

Using social listening data to understand how agencies performed for their top brands.

10 Ways to Use Social Listening Guide

Uncover the power behind social listening. In this guide, we’ll take a look at 10 ways you can use social listening and text analysis to your business advantage.

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram

Get can't-miss social listening insights on Instagram engagement, demographics, buying behaviors, top brands and more!

CBD: Social Insights and Consumer Research

Need-to-know CBD consumer insights for use cases, experiences, audience segments, conditions and brands.

The Ultimate Guide to Generation Z Personas

Read the latest research on Gen Z consumer behavior and characteristics, with in-depth audience personas and brand opportunities.

Social Insights: Healthcare + Pharma Industries

Uncover hidden insights on patient healthcare experiences, ailments, symptoms, treatments, side effects, and alternative medicines.

Social Insights for a Changing Retail Landscape

What are the latest shopping trends and how are the top retail (and online retail) brands performing?

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Audiences

Social listening analysis of global audiences for a leading social media channel.

Carbonated Beverages: Social Insights + Market Research

Shifting consumer preferences in the beverage space for an industry under pressure.

The State of Wearable Technology

An in-depth look at consumer perceptions of wearable tech and the brands that are making the biggest impact.

Agencies + Top Tier Brands: A Social Review

How can agencies leverage better insights for their brands?

Social Listening Report for the Travel Industry

How social listening data can reveal insights about booking sites, airlines, customer service and more.

Social Listening Insights for the QSR Industry

How consumer conversations online can identify audience attributes, most anticipated limited-time offers, menu opportunities, campaign hashtag analysis and more.

Social Listening Analysis for the Beer Industry

How consumer conversations online can help predict sales growth, measure advertising campaign effectiveness, and address future product development.

Brand Analysis: Mobile Payment Adoption and Preferences through Social Media Listening

This report uncovers how mobile payment brands can use social insights to better align product development with consumers' unmet needs.

Learning Banking Behaviors through Social Media Listening

How social data can help banks understand consumers overtime and how they can apply various findings to influence marketing.

How Brands Can Leverage Social Media Insights About Netflix

An examination of how brands and agencies can use social media data to learn about Netflix’s social landscape and target the best shows to inspire new product marketing ideas and uncover product placement opportunities.

Applications for Social Insights in the Telecommunications Industry

Better understand what drives the purchasing behavior of their customers and in turn create better products, enhance service quality, and enable fantastic customer experiences.

Marketing to Eco Conscious Consumers

The report showcases how eco friendly buyer personas created by social media data can be paired with social media research. 

Social Media Insights for the Pumpkin Spice Latte

A detailed report that uses social media data to explain the widespread success behind one of Starbucks’ best-selling seasonal flavor offerings.

The Impact of Automotive Recalls on Consumer Opinion

An in-depth examination on the effect recalls have on consumer opinion and the lifespan of a recall crisis. 

Using Audience Analysis to Understand the Delivery Pizza Preferences of Gamers

A high-level analysis of the top delivery pizza chains, how they resonate with different audience segments including parents and gamers, and what gamers in particular dislike and like about each chain.

Applications for Social Insights in the Pharmaceutical Industry

How social media data can help pharmaceutical and personal care companies better understand the needs, fears, and conditions of their customers and in turn create better products, experiences, and outcomes.

PS4 vs Xbox One: The Battle for Market Superiority

A deep dive into online consumer feedback about the latest generation of consoles, the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, the successes of which will likely shape gaming for the next five to seven years.