The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Audiences

Exclusive data on global Pinterest audiences: engagement, demographics, buying behaviors, top brands and more!

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Billions of ideas have been shared on Pinterest. In each one of those ideas is a nugget of important information to your business.


Why is Pinterest and its massive universe of 250 million audiences essential to your brand or business? Why is it key for you to measure and analyze these audiences and the endless stream of Pinterest conversations and posts?

We set out to answer these questions in the Social Listening Report for Global Pinterest Audiences. What's inside? Pinterest analytics you can't find anywhere else. Look inside the Pinterest platform, its audiences and use cases. Who are they? What do they talk about? What do they buy? Why? We pinpoint how social listening and the right data can help lead to those answers and more.


Insights and intrigue abound in the Pinterest social listening report. See what consumers think and uncover new hidden trends that provide must-have and previously unknown insights about global Pinterest audiences, brands and products. Here’s what you’ll get:



Pinterest Use-Cases and Audience Analysis

Discover the most discussed topics, use-cases and experiences on Pinterest. See sentiment analysis and social media audience comparisons relating to various brands and industries. Find new ways to address pain points and needs of Pinners.


Consumer Pinpoints

Leverage real-time and historical data on consumer voices to learn what Pinterest users' lifestyles, interests, favorite brands and products, and why they buy.


Emerging Trends + Predictions

Understand how Pinterest users interact and engage, and what drives them to act with complete analysis of consideration themes, buying behaviors and emotions.

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