How M Booth Validated Influencer Campaigns with Social Listening

Uncover how M Booth decreased consumer churn, increased brand love and positivity for Brooks Running through their Run Happy Influencer campaign.

MBooth Brooks Influencer Campaigns

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Brands are going all-in on Influencers! Whether by big-name celebrities or an organized community of micro-influencers, spreading brand awareness like wildfire to your online tribe can drive serious business value.

But an influencer program can’t be successful without the right data to validate success.

Likes and shares don’t tell the story. Generating and analyzing conversations from audiences is crucial. For this, you need accurate insight into target audiences and how influencers reach them.

This social listening case study shows how a leading PR Agency, MBooth, uses the right data to produce brilliant influencer analysis for top running shoe brand Brooks Running.

They launched their Run Happy Ambassadors program with the goal of using micro-influencers to drum up enthusiasm for the brand. Using the social insights within Infegy Atlas, MBooth analyzed the widespread conversations tied to Brooks Running’s influencer campaign and proved the campaign’s success.

In this case study, we’ll take a look at how MBooth has delivered an irreplaceable analysis of Brooks Running’s ultra-successful Run Happy Ambassador program and helped the brand realize the true value of influencers, thanks to social listening.


Learn how MBooth was able to conduct an in-depth, data-driven influencer campaign analysis for Brooks Running using social listening. Here’s a snapshot of what’s inside:



Gain Solutions to Pain Points

See how the most important strategic questions surrounding influencer campaigns can be answered thanks to these social insights.


Understand the Impact of Influencers

Discover a real-world use case featuring accurate and powerful insights into how influencers performed for a top brand.


Learn How to Apply the Data

Learn how the agency applied the social listening metrics to their reporting to identify and present the influencer campaign performance simply and succinctly.

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