Social Insights + Amazon Review Data Reveal 
Consumer Tech Trends

Combine data from social conversations and online reviews to uncover never seen before views and analysis on how tech consumers think, feel and buy. (1)

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What experiences and use cases do consumers talk about the most? Which devices and brands do people want or trust most? Google? Amazon? Apple? What privacy and security concerns do consumers have in this wired world?

Social Listening paired with Amazon Reviews  uncovers never seen before views and analysis on how tech consumers think, feel and buy. 

This report goes well beyond your typical social media analytics report. Consumers talk all over the web and not just on social media. Using our signature custom data technology, the Internet of Things report features Amazon review data, analyzing millions of online reviews in addition to other conversations from channels across the web.

From this data, we reveal amazing new consumer insights for the IoT industry: which brands and products consumers are using, their experiences, and what drives people to buy. You’ll also learn what consumers think about privacy and whether they trust technology that dwells in their homes.

What happens when you combine amazon review data and social data? You get insight into a fast-moving Internet of Things industry that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Get exclusive data on consumer trends for smart devices and other Internet of Things tech. The analysis featured pinpoints data-driven personas and demographics for brands like Google, Amazon and Apple. Here’s a snapshot of what’s inside:



Amazon Review Data

See the social listening analysis of millions of Amazon reviews of popular products in the smart device market and how they compare to social data.


Home Techie Audience Segment

Discover data-driven personas of audience segments like the Home Techies, moms and millennials with in-depth analysis of their habits and buying behaviors.


Social Personas

See which products and brands are most trusted and real-world examples of audiences describing their experiences.

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