The Ultimate Guide
to Instagram 

Get the can't-miss social listening insights on Instagram engagement, demographics, buying behaviors, top brands and more!


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Wielding a massive base of 1 billion+ active users, Instagram has become the darling social media channel for audiences everywhere.


With such a large amount of people “doing it for the Gram”, as they say, it leaves a staggering amount of potential consumer insights on the table waiting to be analyzed.


Instagrammers discuss and post conversations and images that reflect who they are as people and what drives them to live how they live; to buy how they buy.


How can you learn more about your customers by finding the right Instagram analytics? Why are Instagram audiences essential to your brand or business? Why is it key for you to measure and analyze these audiences to learn more about people’s lifestyles, interests, demographics and buying behaviors?


We set out to answer these questions in the Ultimate Guide to Global Instagram Audiences. In this report, you’ll get Instagram analytics you can't find anywhere else.


In the the Ultimate Guide to Instagram Audiences report, we pinpoint how social listening and audience segmentation can help you find must-have insights about global Instagram audiences and go in-depth on fascinating, brand new Instagram statistics. Here’s a snapshot of what’s inside:


Never before seen Engagement and Demographics Data

Go beyond basic data about usage to see which audiences are interacting and how


Instagram Audience Segments
and Personas

See the different types of Instagram audiences based on age distribution, favorite topics, brands and influencers


Audience Buying Behaviors and Business Impacts

Understand the true business value in analyzing Instagram audiences with social listening

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