Healthy Lifestyles: A Social Insights Report

Uncover the latest health and wellness trends, buying behaviors and consumer experiences for an emerging market

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Healthy isn’t just a state of being. It’s a lifestyle.

More and more, consumers from all walks of life are exploring and investing in new ways to hack their health and wellness.

From trendy diets and biohacking supplements to new exercise techniques and mental health practices, there’s a burgeoning new universe of options for consumers to turn to upend their health routines.

The ultimate healthy lifestyles social insights report provides must-read data and analysis on this booming industry and how consumers think, feel and buy.

These insights reveal a fascinating glimpse into the consumer psyche and how their new healthy lifestyle habits impact your brand or business. Most importantly, they uncover new and missed opportunities for you and your team to take advantage of to get out ahead of these consumer health trends and meet their evolving expectations.

This social listening report is your official guide to the health and wellness industry, from brands and products to branding, messaging and advertising.

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Inside the report, you’ll get exclusive new data on health and wellness consumer trends, the top products and brands, and what drives consumers to buy. The analysis featured pinpoints consumer insight on healthy eating trends, data-driven personas and fitness demographics for brands like LuLuLemon. Here’s a snapshot of what’s inside:



Latest Trends Analysis

Breakdown the varying healthy practices and techniques. Learn how consumers engage brands and businesses in these categories. 


Custom Audience Segments

Discover data-driven personas of top healthy audience segments like organic dieters and fitness junkies with in-depth analysis of their habits and buying behaviors


Social Personas

See which wellness lifestyle brands are reaching health conscious consumers with the right products.

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