The Ultimate Guide to Generation Z Personas

Read the latest research on Gen Z consumer behavior and characteristics, with in-depth audience personas and brand opportunities


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Are you trying to dig in and understand Generation Z. You're not alone. Members of this generation have become a puzzle for marketers, advertisers and analysts from all walks of life. How to solve the conundrum? The answer starts and ends with data.

That’s where our report, “The Ultimate Guide to Generation Z Personas” comes in handy. In the report, you’ll get exclusive data on the DNA make up of Gen Z and how they perceive brands and brand values.

We ask: Who is Generation Z? What causes do they care about? What are their interests and passions? What brands are most important to each segment of Gen Z? How should I run a Gen Z marketing strategy?

These questions led us to 7 data-driven personas: World Changers, Entrepreneurs, LGBTQ+, Adventurers, Fashionistas, YouTubers and Twitchers.

We analyzed the millions of Gen Z voices around the world to build our latest social insights report with all the insights you’ve been missing. Download it today!


In the Ultimate Guide to Gen Z Personas report, we use industry-leading social listening analysis to pinpoint who Gen Z audiences are and what makes them tick. We use advanced audience segmentation to develop data-driven personas and understand what drives these young consumers. Here’s a snapshot of what’s inside:


Data-Driven Gen Z Audience Segments

Learn what attributes and values define Gen Z and what drives how they behave and what brands they love


Exclusive Gen Z Consumer Insights

Analysis of how audiences interact online and their thoughts, sentiment and emotions surrounding brands and topics


How Brands Can Connect with Gen Z

Data on what brand values resonate with Gen Z and a glimpse at brands poised to win over young consumers

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