Consumers Reveal Truths for Streaming Platforms and their Content

New social insights on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max and more. 


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It’s no secret that streaming now sits at the top of the entertainment food chain.

What’s up for debate, however, is who streams what and why?

The Social Insights Report on Streaming Trends uncovers never-before-seen insight about how streaming consumers think, feel, watch, and behave.

Which types of shows and movies get more love from viewers? Why does Netflix dominate, and which new services stand a chance to compete? Why does Disney+ garner more consumer conversation on the web than AppleTV+. (They both have a plus sign!)

These and similar key implications for streaming services, entertainment brands and agencies are a mystery no more. Social listening data featured in the report provides timely insight about consumer mindset, behavior, and preferences that can’t be ignored.

Download this report to discover new insights on the evolution of streaming consumers, audience segments, and which streaming content wins and why.


Uncover who streaming consumers are, what they talk about, when they watch, and the content they love. Using social listening, we pinpoint key conversational insights about shows, movies, genres, platform experiences, and what drives people to tune in.



Data on Consumer Experiences

Learn how social listening identifies what consumers think of the streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon and
their content.


What type of content is must-watch?

Find out what conversational analysis reveals about who is passionate about certain shows and which genres win.


Streaming Audience Segments

See how specific audiences behave. Do Gen Z viewers love certain programming? Which segments prefer documentaries? 

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