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Use customized templates to report on your team’s efforts with better social analytics, from campaign analysis to consumer research

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Your task: report on your brand’s campaign, customers, competitors, sales projections, or other key measurements to the people who matter (bosses, clients, executives, stakeholders, office dog).

How can you do this well and with the best insights available? Social listening data provides you with the best resource for uncovering crucial insight and then building eye-opening and detail-packed reports.

The Social Listening Reporting Guide walks you through everything you need to know about how to use social listening for your reports. It dives in on all the metrics and insights at your disposal within social listening tools and tells you how to effectively and powerfully present these reports for your team’s success. Best of all, it includes a free template for you to start your own report.

Whether you’re an analyst, strategist, social media manager or market researcher, the insights featured in this guide will put you in the driver’s seat for a first-rate social insights reporting process.

Consider this your official blueprint to social listening reporting!


Master the art of social listening reporting with this complete guide to the metrics and insights and how to apply them to your own situation. Deliver your team, clients or execs the analysis they need to know and prove the ROI of your efforts.



How to Use Social Listening

Learn how our social listening insights can be used in a broad spectrum of reports, from campaign analysis, to customer personas, to market predictions.


How to Apply the Metrics

From basic insights like sentiment analysis to advanced techniques like audience segmentation, you’ll learn how to apply them to your own efforts.


Free Templates

This guide provides you the roadmap to social listening report success and provides you a foundation for building your reports.

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