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Dad Personas and What Brands Need to Know

Learn crucial new details from social listening about the modern dad and how brands can use the data. 

Dad's social insight report

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There he goes again… dad, giving out advice (that you may or may not have asked for) or butting in with another amusing story about “back in my day.”

Or… maybe he’s crushing the last level of Fortnite, busting reps on the squat rack, or masterfully designing a new logo for his favorite shoe brand.

While dads will always be dads, it's a losing strategy for any brand or business to bucket them under one universal persona. But one thing all dads have in common? The kids. Being a dad impacts everything they do - how they behave, their beliefs and values, and what they buy.

Inside the Dads Personas Social Insights Report, we reveal exclusive new insights that get inside the mind of dad, the consumer.

One thing is for certain: dads are anything but the sitcom stereotype. The biggest mistake a brand can make is assuming anything about dads. In this Social Listening Report for Dads Personas, we put the "dad" in data to reveal the different types of dads and shatter all of your assumptions.

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Download this report to discover new insights on who dads are and what your brand needs to know.


Learn about dads’ buying behaviors, values, and experiences in their own words as our premier social analytics platform analyzes their online conversations, breaking them out into custom audience segments.



Prove Dad stereotypes wrong

Exclusive analysis on who dads are - their purchasing power, buying behaviors, top brands, motivators and experiences.


Uncover Most Vocal Dad Audiences 

From Gamer Dads to Entrepreneurs, you’ll find out 6 of the leading online personas based on their top interests, activities and brands.


Learn How to Apply Insights

Social listening insights can be used to build dad personas specific to your brand or industry. We show you how it’s done.

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