New CPG Trends Uncovered with Social Insights

Learn ways to use social listening for key consumer insights on CPG brands and products.

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The ultimate puzzle in CPG: understanding why people choose one product over the other.

Asked and answered in The Ultimate CPG Social Insights Report and Guide.

Why do millennials prefer Ruffles over BBQ? Do people crave salt and vinegar or hate it? Which pasta for family dinner, lasagna or penne? What about date night? Does packaging matter? Are people really putting cereal on ice cream?!

Inside, we reveal brand new consumer insights about CPG products, brands, flavors, ingredients and occasions.

But wait there’s more ✨...We also show you how to use Social listening to find the crucial insight about consumer mindset, behavior, and preferences that can’t be ignored.

Download this report to discover new insights on the constantly evolving CPG Industry, audience segments, product choices, and a guide on how to find the insights.


Get inside the human psyche to understand why consumers make CPG choices and what drives them to buy.



Understand Consumer Experiences

Exclusive data-driven analysis on how CPG companies can reach new customers, develop or improve products, and enhance consumer experiences.


Uncover Popular Product Features

Social insights on cravings certain consumers have and which product features drive people to buy.


Learn How to Apply Insights

The CPG Report offers a brand new guide to the social listening insights and how to apply them to your own situation.

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