The Changing Customer Experience

Get the can't miss insights on customer experience expectations during COVID revealed with social listening.



Has the future for brands ever been more uncertain?

As a global pandemic halted normal life and broke supply chains, consumers everywhere reacted in profound ways we’re only beginning to understand. If your team is struggling to decode how consumers have or will change their buying behaviors, you’re not alone.

Inside the Customer Experience Report, we delve into the massive black hole of uncertainty to reveal exclusive consumer insights about shopping, Ecommerce and retail. Thanks to social listening and intelligence, you’ll uncover major consumer shopping trends in the pandemic era that will have lasting implications for your brand.

While making predictions about the future for your brand may feel impossible, in this report we present data on: which retailers are adapting and succeeding, what the top concerns for customers are (like safety and stock shortages), and which customer behaviors are evolving, perhaps permanently.

In a post-pandemic world, brands of all stripes -- whether it be retail, CPG, food and drink, tech or somewhere in between -- will need to be more creative in how they reach consumers and meet their needs. It will be a race among brands to adapt and satisfy consumers in ways that generate revenue and establish trust.

Download this report to discover new customer experience insights and what your brand needs to know.


See how consumers have changed their buying and shopping behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic, and learn how to use social listening data to make predictions about the long-term customer experience trends you need to know.



See How Shopping Has Evolved

Analysis features: comparing online shopping with “Click and Collect”, which brands consumers trust most, and the top customer experience frustrations.


Learn Top Consumer Concerns 

From trust and safety in the store to shipping and stock shortages, see what shoppers are worried about and which companies are rising to the occasion.


Get The Analyst Perspective

This report includes top-level qualitative analysis with practical applications of the data and observations on what the future has in store for brands.

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