CBD: Social Insights & Consumer Research

Need-to-know CBD consumer insights for use cases, experiences, audience segments, conditions and brands


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Is CBD a fad destined to fade away, or could it be the future of alternative medicine?

Cannabinoids are having a moment thanks to increasing availability. But the research is becoming more clear: CBD isn’t just a “flavor of the month”.

On the contrary, the data shows that the hemp plant-derived remedy has high interest from consumers and patients everywhere. This suggests that among several different types of markets, it has some serious staying power.

Our latest social insights report on CBD has new insights with CBD trends on consumer use cases, sentiment, audience segments, and conversational data from millions of voices across the web. The report highlights CBD’s impact on the market for all kinds of consumers, from those with medical conditions, to those looking for something interesting to eat or drink.

This means that brands and businesses related to healthcare, pharma, CPG, food and beverage and more should have a vested interest in the state of the CBD market as well as consumer insights around it.

What do people think of CBD? What are the top use cases and reasons they turn to it? What medicines, treatments and supplements are people replacing with CBD? And how might brands that seem unrelated to CBD get in on the action?

Get the answers by downloading the social insights report for the CBD industry today!


In the CBD Social Insights Report, we use industry-leading social listening analysis to uncover previously unknown data about CBD remedies and consumption habits. This analysis pinpoints who consumes CBD and why, while showing how brands from various industries need to be prepared for the rise of CBD consumption. Here’s a snapshot of what’s inside:


Exclusive Consumer CBD Trends

Learn how and why consumers use CBD, their medical conditions and treatments they use, and predictions about the future for CBD


Audience Segments and Use Cases

Advanced custom audience segmentation with a.i.-driven social listening insights about how the millions of consumers discuss their CBD use-cases


Consumer Interests, Linguistics and Sentiment Analysis

Data-driven analysis of how audiences interact online and their thoughts, sentiment and emotions surrounding CBD and related topics, plus why it’s key insight for brands and business in different industries (like healthcare, pharma, CPG and food)

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