2019 Social Insights: Ad Agencies + Top Brands

Social listening reveals how agencies succeeded and how to leverage better insights for your client brands

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Even the world’s best agency teams need better data for their client brands. No matter your team’s situation, you’d like to improve the results you deliver to your clients. Often times, it’s finding the missing insight or hidden opportunity that will make all the difference.

In our latest social insights report, we look at four leading ad agencies and their top-tier brands to see how they fared over the last year. Using game-changing social listening insights, we analyzed agencies like Ogilvy, TBWA and Grey and brands like Dove and HBO.

Inside the report, you’ll discover new insights about these brands’ campaigns, customers and competitors and uncover hidden opportunities within those insights.

We’ll explore how social intelligence can help agencies and their clients better understand their target audiences, the leading conversational topics amongst them, and how to reach them with more resonant campaigns.


Ad agencies and teams from all departments will want to read and share the ad agency social insights report. This analysis pinpoints crucial consumer data points for some major ad agencies like Ogilvy and Grey and brands such as Dove and Gillette. Here’s a snapshot of what’s inside:


Consumer Interests

Learn how to apply the insights provided to your own team’s efforts. Explore the social landscape for clues to how to succeed with the right audiences.


Social Personas

See each brand’s breakdown of personas developed from key social media audiences.


Consumer Perspectives

Get precise data-driven analysis of campaigns for global brands that you can’t find anywhere else. Find out about which consumers reacted to the viral ad campaign by Gillette and how a Game of Thrones activation at SXSW fared.

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