10 Ways to Leverage a Social Listening Strategy

Want to learn how to use these game-changing social analytics to drive actionable brand insights? We reveal 10 powerful ways to use social listening for your brand and business.

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It's amazing what you can learn simply by listening.


Infegy's latest guide will help you see the power behind social listening.


If you have a social listening strategy in place or are looking to implement one, this guide will help you uncover critical ways you can use social listening and intelligence for actionable, real-world insight into the most important people, entities and conversations to your business.  

Fortunately, by actively listening to all of these conversations, you can:

- Conduct accurate consumer and conversational analysis

- Make accurate predictions about the market

- Understand and retain customers

- And uncover hidden trends that we didn’t know were out there.


In this guide, we’ll take a look at 10 ways you can use social listening and text analysis to your business advantage. We’ll break down the various data points and metrics that you can easily implement in your brand strategy and research, and we’ll discuss examples and use cases of how to best leverage this technology for success.



This is your blueprint to better analysis of your brand, consumers, industry and competitors using the powerful analysis available within social listening tools like Infegy Atlas:


Metrics Overview

Learn which data points are available and how your team can use them for success.


Real-World Use Cases

Get a glimpse at the data-driven analysis of campaigns for global brands and be inspired by their success.


Practical Applications of the Data

Understand the tools and strategies available to you by seeing how to apply social listening. 

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