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Social Listening Report for the Travel Industry

What can booking site and airline brands learn about customers from social data?

Free Travel Insights Report

Social listening data provides a full 360-degree view into the world of consumers within specific industries, about brands, companies, products, influencers and competitors. Utilizing data mined from all corners of the web, brands in the travel industry can better understand consumers they want to reach, who they should target, and how their competitors fare against them.

Highlights of this Report Include the Ability to:

  • Compare travel brands and their respective audiences
  • Learn sentiment, share of voice and brand favorability data for booking sites and airlines
  • See the customer persona profiles for travel booking brands
  • Understand the why. Who are the people who buy, and why do they engage with brands in the travel industry?
  • Identify the topics of interest and intrigue for travel customers and understand what gets them talking

Download Here:

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Jason Carrigan

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Jason Carrigan
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Evan Dunn
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James O'Brien
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