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Social Listening Analysis for the Beer Industry


This report explores how consumer conversations online can help predict sales growth, determine audience attributes, measure advertising campaign effectiveness, and address future product development needs for the beer industry.


For those who choose to consume alcoholic beverages, beer reigns supreme. Beer is a multibillion dollar industry with thousands of different brands.  The rise of craft beer and imports in recent years has caused fluctuations among trends, sales, imports, and exports.  With many different competitors and large advertising budgets, beer brands have an opportunity to use social listening analysis to better inform their advertising campaigns as well as competitive intelligence.  

This report highlights use cases that detail how social listening analysis can be used for the beer industry.


Highlights in this report include:

  • Leveraging brand share-of-voice to help predict market share
  • Identifying other social metrics such as Sentiment, Passion, and Purchase Intent to uncover differences among top domestic and fastest growing beer brands
  • Using social listening analysis to help brands define their core target demographics and audience interests
  • Measuring campaign messaging and targeting effectiveness through linguistic analysis
  • Analyzing consumer interest in craft styles for areas of growth for macro breweries

Length: 33 pages
Cost: Free

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